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How to use memory foam?

There are few things for the human body that are as essential as having a good night’s sleep. For this reason, scientists and experts are always coming up with new ways and techniques and products that will make sleep more easy to achieve and comfortable throughout the night. One such product is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are an innovation in the strive for better sleep. Many people experience physical discomfort and temperature changes while sleeping, which disturbs sleep. The memory foam mattress was invented to combat these sleeping problems, and is quite successful so far.

Overview of the Memory foam

The memory foam was first invented for NASA astronauts, and later, due to its success was marketed for the general public. Made from a visco-elastic polyurethane foam, it is designed to adapt to body heat, and form a sort of cradle to your body, by giving relief to the pressure points and hence improving the overall the circulation of the body, hence ensuring a better night’s sleep. you get excellent cushioning and support for your limbs and muscles, and gives you immense relief from pain in various areas of your body and all kinds of discomfiture. Following are the basic instructions on how to get started with a memory foam mattress:

Step 1: The first and foremost point that must be taken care of is the careful unpacking of the product. Never use any kind of sharp objects such as scissors or cutters to remove the plastic wrapping of the product. Peel and tear the plastic cover gently by hand. The product is always rolled and compressed inside the plastic.

Step 2: The next step is to gently separate the different layers. You need to do this in a uniform and slow motion. This foam is very different from the usual mattress foams. They are more fragile and prone to tearing, especially right after they have been unpacked. Be very gentle and avoid tearing the foam.

Step 3: Luckily, it is easy to wash the memory foam mattress as compared to other mattresses. You can simply wash the memory foam mattress by hand with warm water and mild detergent, or watered down washing liquid. Air out the memory foam mattress from time to time, in the sun, or when slightly breezy. To keep the memory foam neat and tidy, you can always use the memory foam toppers, to protect your mattress.

Step 4: Do not be alarmed when your mattress comes out of the packing plastic slightly rolled or folded. These mattresses are made of different materials than the other foams, and hence take a few hours, or sometimes, a day, to retain its original mattress like look. You just need to lay it out flat, where it will not be much disturbed. Also, do not be alarmed by the odor that comes from your mattress. It is normal for memory foams, and fades away with time, and it Is not harmful at all when inhaled or slept on.