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LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress - Dual-Layered - CertiPUR-US Certified - 25-Year Warranty - Queen 1

Product Description

One can feel the medium firm while sleeping over this CertiPUR certified perfect memory foam mattress. Pressure points are relieved by this mattress as well as it completely cradles the body whole night to improve your sleeping experience. Open Cell Latest Innovation is used in the manufacturing process that provides a very softer feel to the users who sleep over it. This mattress is good for both, sleeping as well as sitting. Isolation of motion transfer makes the sleep more comfortable and eliminates the disturbance. 25 year warranty comes with LUCID memory foam mattress.


Following are the salient features of LUCID Foam Mattress:

Perfect Mattress Feel

This LUCID Foam Mattress will provide you a medium firm feel. When you will wake up after sleeping on this mattress you will feel completely relaxed. As this mattress relieves the pressure points and its comfort layer cradles your body, you will enjoy sleeping on this mattress. Some mattress are uncomfortable when you sit on them, but in case of this mattress you will feel ultimate comfortable even while you are just sitting. Whole night, this mattress works to perfectly align your spine that results in improving the posture of body and eliminating the lower back pain from your body.

Open Cell Latest Innovation

During the manufacturing process of this mattress, it is make sure that foam results a softer feel that conforms to the position and weight of your body. You will not witness long lasting impressions of your body even when you will sleep over this mattress for a long period. Open Cell Latest Innovation makes it possible that this mattress can last up to 25 years in your life. This memory foam mattress also aids to isolate the motion transfer between the people who are sleeping over it.

Safe for Both, You and Environment

This memory foam mattress is itself resistant to the dust mites and dangerous allergens. A soft velour cover over this mattress keeps the allergens and dust mites away from it making this it hypoallergenic. CertiPUR United States has certified this foam mattress that means this mattress has been tested for the security of substances used, environmental friendship and physical performance. This mattress is manufactured under highly qualified supervisors who make it sure that this mattress is perfect for indoor use and there is no effect of it over the ozone that makes it environmental friendly. No natural or synthetic latex is used while the manufacturing of this perfect foam mattress.

Long Life

Company offers warranty of up to 25 years, which is hopefully the longest warranty of any mattress that is available in the market. Moreover, to keep it easy to ship this mattress, it is vacuum packed.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with long 25 year warranty.
  • This mattress is good for both, sleeping and sitting.
  • No impressions of body last on it.


  • It is a premium mattress due to which its price is high.

Customer Review

All the users are happy after using this mattress. There reviews prove the high quality of LUCID Memory Foam Mattress.


This mattress is perfect for home use. One can buy it without thinking much as it comes with long lasting 25 year warranty.

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