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Product Description

Memory Foam reduces the pressure points and that is the basic reason that so many people are in love with it and having a perfect sleep. Now you do not need to buy new mattress if you your old mattress is useless, you can have the feeling of new mattress by adding this mattress topper to your useless mattress. This topper is going to add comfort and maximize the quality of sleep immediately. Foam used in topper is particularly designed to increase the feeling of your old mattress. This topper provides you the perfect sleep without getting affected by high or low temperatures. These toppers are designed and manufactured in U.S.A. Furthermore, these toppers are allergy free, so you can have a healthy sleep if you are using this topper over your simple mattress.


Following are the main features of Memory Foam Bed Topper:

Reduces Pressure Points

This bed topper reduces the pressure points that increase the comfort of your night sleep. Memory Foam Bed Topper adds the support wherever your old mattress is sagging or dipping so you can have a perfect sleep without getting uncomfortable due to particular sagging or dipping. You can use this topper on your latex, spring or any other mattress without having any kind of issue.

Simple to Use

You do not need to install this topper on your old mattress. Simply put it over your existing mattress and that is all. You can enjoy it in all kinds of temperatures. Whether it is a hot season or a cold season, you can use it without thinking about the hotness and coldness as it provides you the mean temperature that is neither too hot nor too cool. Moreover, you can enjoy this topper even if you are allergic to things. This bed topper is free of allergens so you are free from different allergic reactions.

Thick and High Density

With four pound of density, this bed topper is three inches thick. You can feel the softness of this topper once you sit on it. As it is three inches thick and its density is high, this will add maximum comfort to your old and useless mattress. Basically that much thickness and high density is added to increase the feel of your old mattress.

PURGreen Certification

This memory foam bed topper is PURGreen Certified that means all substances used in manufacturing of this topper are safe materials and do not deplete ozone or cause other environmental issues.

Easy to Ship

This topper has been vacuum sealed and compressed for the shipping purposes. You need to unpack this topper carefully and let it decompress for up to 90-100 hours in cold weather.

Pros and Cons


  • It increases the feel of mattress to useless mattress.
  • It is available at an affordable price.


  • It is very sensitive and needs more than 4 days to expand in cold weather after unpacking.

Customer Review

Many people clicked on thumbs up icon for this mattress. They said they are having the best experience ever.


If your old mattress has become useless and you are thinking to replace it with new one, then you must buy this bed topper and use it over your old mattress and you will feel maximum comfort of mattress at an affordable price.

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