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Product Review of Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress


Product Description

This Contour mattress is manufactured by Signature Sleep that is well known brand if this particular field. This design is basically designed to keep you comfortable while sleeping as it supports your vertebrae. This mattress supports the curves of body by creating equal weight distribution. Pressure points of user near shoulders, back, neck and hips feel relaxed due to steel incased coils of this mattress. Moreover, these steel incased coils eliminate the motion disturbance, so incase if your partner in moving while you are sleeping along, you will never be disturbed. Two cushioning layers are incorporated that make this mattress last longer in your life.


Salient features of Signature Sleep Mattress are as follows:

Independently Encased Coils

Brilliantly packed 15 gauge encased coils are incorporated in this mattress.  These coils will provide you maximum comfort while sleeping. Even if you are sleeping with your partner, you will not be disturbed by his/her movement. Your neck, back, shoulders and hips feel relieved due to the presence of these independently steel encased coils. Design of this mattress is specially designed to support the curves of body so one when sleeps on it, he/she feel completely comfortable.

Polyester Layering

Two different polyester layers protect this mattress. Basically these polyester layers are present in between the coils and cover of this mattress that provide more comfort to the user. In some other mattresses, people can feel the coils when they lie on them, but in this Signature Sleep mattress you will never feel that coils are touching your back.

Perfect Fitting

You can easily fit this mattress on any twin size bed. This mattress is simple to install. All you need is to unpack it and put it on your bed. When you order this mattress, it comes completely rolled and compressed so you can easily ship it to anywhere. However, 48 hours should be provided to this mattress after unpacking so it could expand to its full size and perfect shape.

Long Lasting

This bed mattress is very long lasting. Steel coils used in manufacturing are of very high quality. Foam layer of Contour sleeping mattress is very thick up to 8 inches that remains thick for a very long period; all you need is to change the sides of this mattress after every 6 months.

Premium Brand

Signature Sleep is a famous brand that is famous for its premium quality. All mattresses come with the warranty and can be replaced if you do not find it up to the mark.

Pros and Cons


  • It is a long lasting and durable mattress.
  • It fits perfectly on twin bed.
  • Two polyester layers are present that provide more comfort.


  • It is little more expensive as comparison to other mattresses of this type.

Customer Review

With the highest rating, this mattress is reviewed most by the customers. Almost, every next customer is giving it the highest rating.


One can trust the quality of this mattress. If you want to have a mattress that lasts longer in your life as well as provide you high level comfort, then Signature Sleep mattress is perfect option for you.

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