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Product Review of Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Mattress

Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

Product Description

Now you can enjoy the maximum support and comfort of this 12 inch thick comfort mattress. This mattress compromises of 2.5 inch premium layer of SureTempTM Foam. Sleep Innovations Mattress relieves your pressure points as well as it spreads your weight evenly to provide you a restful, supported and soft sleep.  The SureTempTM Foam layer is supportive and comfortable just as base memory foam, but this layer is particularly designed with the latest innovation due to which air circulation is improved in this mattress. Your body temperature is also maintained by this perfect queen size mattress. All elements of this mattress work together to perform best while you are sleeping so that you do not get disturbed due to mattress even for the single time. Moreover this mattress comes with 20 years long warranty.


Have a look at the detailed features of this memory foam mattress here:

Latest Innovation Used

While the manufacturing of this mattress, latest innovation is used. This latest innovation is the use of SureTempTM layer that keeps the air circulating inside and outside the mattress. Due to this latest innovation, air circulation is improved inside the mattress. This air circulation inside the mattress keeps the temperature of mattress to a mean value. When you are sleeping on this mattress, it will keep the temperature of your whole body mean. Basically this memory foam mattress keeps on absorbing and evolving the air that keeps temperature of both, body of user and mattress itself, to a very mean value.

Responsive Support Foam

There is 9.5 inch layer of Responsive Support Foam below the SureTempTM layer. This 9.5 inch layer works along with the SureTempTM layer to provide you the most comfortable and relaxed sleep ever. You will feel no disturbance in your sleep due to this mattress its design is made such that movement of your partner in not felt by you. You will feel that your spinal bone perfectly relaxes on this mattress, that is due to the particular working of both layers and thus you will enjoy a deep sleep.

Dust Resistant

This mattress is resistant to dust. If you see any dust over it, you just need to blow it and you will see that dust is no more. Apart from being dust resistant, this mattress is also allergen resistant. This makes this mattress completely safe and healthy for anyone.

Soft-Medium Feeling Foam

You will feel that this mattress is neither very soft nor very hard. Basically, this mattress provides you soft-medium feeling when you sit or lie on it. Even it is 12 inch thick foam, you will still feel that you are lying on a very soft-medium mattress that is providing you firm support.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with air circulating latest innovation.
  • No need to flip the mattress after every few days.
  • 20 year warranty.


  • You can find cheaper mattresses in the market.

Customer Review

After getting 4.4 out of 5 stars, this mattress has been reviewed a lot by the customers and they simply love it.


If you want to buy a mattress that can stay in your life for more than 20 years, then go for sleep innovations 12 inch thick mattress as it comes with 20 yearlong warranty.

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