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Sleep Master Memory Foam 6 Inch Mattress, Twin 1

Product Description

While you are going to purchase a foam mattress, the most important thing that must be considered is comfort level. One can spend 1/3 of his life sleeping so it is important that one should sleep well. Your life can be affected by quality of your sleep. For a perfect sleep, Sleep Master Foam Mattress is one of the best options. It is a 6 inch thick mattress that provides you the ultimate comfort when you want to sleep. Apart from 1.5 inch premium foam top layer, there is a 4.5 inch layer of maximum density foam. Unique thing about this mattress is that it is odorless and also keeps other odors away from itself. This mattress comes with 5 year limited warranty.


Specific features of Sleep Master Memory Foam Mattress are as follows:

Dual Layers for Maximum Comfort

Dual layers have been incorporated in this foam mattress to maximize the level of comfort. There is a 4.5 inch layer of foam that is of very high density due to which supreme support is felt by the users who sleep over it. Along with this 4.5 inch layer, there is a 1.5 inch premium foam layer that is meant to provide you the ultimate comfort. These dual layers work together to provide you comfort whole night. Moreover, if you are sleeping two or three people over it, you will not be disturbed by the motion of other persons as these two layers isolate the motions while multiple people are sleeping on this mattress.

Enemy of Odor

This mattress can be named enemy of odor. This is because it is completely odorless. Furthermore, it also keeps away other odors. Basically Evergreen and ActivCharcoal are infused in this foam mattress. These two work against the odor. Evergreen is extracted from green tea, which fights with odor and instantly removes it from mattress from the day one. Other than evergreen, there is ActivCharcoal that is made from the purified charcoal. ActivCharcoal absorbs the moisture from mattress that absorbs the moisture, which results in minimization of odor causing agents.

Sleep Green

This foam mattress works on the idea of SLEEP GREEN, which means that comfort of the sleeping environment is balanced with the substances that are secure for you as well as for the environment. Bio Foam is used in this mattress that uses natural seed oil during the manufacturing process and minimizes the use of petrochemicals, which are harmful for environment as well as for you. All of the sleep master mattresses are certified by CertiPUR United States. You can be sure that your mattress has been gone through all the tests before coming to you.


Sleep Master Memory Foam mattress comes with the 5 year limited warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • This mattress provides a very firm support while sleeping.
  • Unique feature of this mattress is that it is odorless.


  • This mattress comes with a very limited warranty of 5 year.

Customer Review

Almost all reviews of customers were in favor of this foam mattress. There were no complaints.


If you hate odors and you are cleanliness conscious, then this mattress is the perfect choice for you.

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